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VPSMalaysia Hosting Review – Pathetic Linux VPS Hosting

Tech Internet Packages VPSMalaysia Hosting Review – Pathetic Linux VPS Hosting

VPSMalaysia.com.my Review: Linux VPS Malaysia Hosting Details

If you are looking to host your VPS server on VPS Malaysia hosting, then DON’T! This is the worst hosting service you can get.

Here is why not to choose cheap Forex VPS Malaysia service by Vpsmalaysia.com.my.

Why VPS Malaysia Hosting is Bad for You?

The company has been offering cheap forex VPS Malaysia to its users.

However, simple truth is that it sells shared hosting solution as a cheap VPS hosting for its users. This is not only disappointing but they lie to your face.

The customer support of VPSMalaysia.com.my, Cheap Linux VPS Malaysia,  is extremely depressing. You won’t get help from them even after 1 day.
And, when you complain about that, then you have to wait again for hours! This is excessively disappointing for anyone who sells a hosting solution that too on a VPS server.

Pathetic Speed & Site Performance:

Your site will run at a snails pace when you use VPSMalaysia, Cheap Linux VPS Malaysia hosting solution. I have used Cloudways, Kinsta, WPEngine and NameCheap and many other cheap cloud VPS Malaysia solutions. I only tried VPSMalaysia, Linux VPS Malaysia because of the coupon code it offered and the promises it made. But this third class and cheap VPS hosting Malaysia service is extremely disappointing and I would suggest everyone who is having a blog or an ecommerce website with 5,000 visitors per day, NOT TO USE VPSMALAYSIA, Linux VPS hosting!

VPSMalaysia.com.my Lies On Your Face!

The team behind VPS Malaysia made all the false promises that I will get top-notch performance when I move my hosting server to their solution. But that was never the case. In fact, the company representatives are unresponsive when your site is down. Even the social media is not working. This is one reason I had to take out my site and move to NameCheap.

99.9% Downtime Guaranteed

The only thing this VPS hosting Malaysia says true about is their downtime. They have mentioned it multiple times on their blogs that the website offers quality performance. Well, they are honest about that but in the opposite way. They don’t offer quality performance. They offer DISAPPOINTING performance to all their users. The VPS servers are actually SHARED HOSTING solutions and you can even see that when you start to get a couple of thousand visitors on your website.

Offers Shared Hosting as VPS Servers

The company has been offering shared hosting to its users under the guise of VPS hosting. This is truly despicable! In fact, cheap VPS Malaysia hosting service that they offer is downright disappointing. I would recommend everyone to use any other decent cloud hosting solution from managed cloud hosting providers or simply get a cloud hosting solution from DigitalOcean + Gridpane. This would give them a lot more leverage.

Does VPSMalaysia.com.my offer Cheap VPS Malaysia Hosting? NOPE!

That was the reason I actually moved to them. I wanted to use a cheap VPS hosting solution that was fast, easy, and can be used to promote my services within Central Asia. But that is not the case. See even their own servers are hosted in US. Then what is the reason to get them? You can easily get any CHEAPER VPS Malaysia hosting solution for your needs. Why pay to this THIRD CLASS VPS Malaysia hosting?

Best VPS Hosting Malaysia for Forex? NEVER!

If you want to get a Forex hosting Solution in Malaysia, then you should go for ExaBytes or GB Network. These are some great VPS hosting solution instead of moving to a truly disappointing service like VPS Hosting Malaysia.

Alternatives to VPSMalaysia, Linux VPS Hosting?

You can choose Cloudways, Bluehost, Siteground, or any other decent hosting solution.

Why People Don’t Want VPSMalaysia.com.my Hosting?

– Customer support is extremely pathetic and unresponsive
– Team is unaware of the basic difference between a VPS and a shared hosting server
– The sites perform very slow. And, the tech team of VPSMalaysia is completely oblivious to that
– If you want the backup, VPSMalaysia hosting company doesn’t offer that. WHY?!!!

VPSMalaysia.com.my PAID REVIEW!

All the reviews you see on Trust Pilot, Host Advice and other places are PAID reviews! The company is pathetic when it comes to hosting solutions. The only companies that go for PAID reviews are those that offer POOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT to their users!

VERDICT: NEVER Sign Up for VPS Malaysia – THIRD CLASS Service

As said, the cheap Linux VPS Malaysia company is extremely poor. They will close your account even after you have paid them. So, never get their service if you are looking for a long-term hosting solution that is reputable and offers the best class service.


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