How to Get A Blank Name in Among Us Game?

Game Errors How to Get A Blank Name in Among Us Game?

The ‘Among Us’ is a cross-platform social deduction game. For crewmates or imposters, having a blank or an invisible name in the game brings the ultimate opportunity to kill or overlook the killers. Therefore, its fans are always hunting for tips and tricks to implement a ‘blank name’ and stay on alert while tackling the major challenges of the Among Us game.

Among Us is so popular that its developers just canceled the sequel - The Verge

Despite the recent errors received by the players, there’s still hope for the characters to strategically put the blank name inside the game. If you’re also a fan of this game and looking for a guide to applying an invisible name, here’s how to do it. 

The Dot Game 

As sneaky as it seems, the players can’t have an entire blank name or use the old blank name trick anymore. However, they can still go for a ‘dot’ instead of a ‘name’. It’s a better plan for mobile players as it’s close to having a blank name. 

Step 1– You’ll have to copy-paste this special dot “” between the quotation marks.

Step 2– You can also visit Compart from your browser and select the blank area between the inverted commas. 

Step 3– Once you have copied the dot or the blank area, select the name field in the game for local or online play.

Step 4– Now, paste the copied dot by tapping into the field and clicking paste. Only paste the dot or Unicode character and not the quotation marks. 

After that, you’ll see the dot instead of your character’s name. For PC Players, the option still limits itself to proper characters. 

The Alternative Trick

Due to a recent patch update, users may receive an error showing ‘inappropriate name’. If you’re one of them, you can go for this alternative trick guide that will make it harder for other players to spot your character. However, this won’t hide your character completely. 

Step 1– Visit this link from Compart and copy the Unicode character ‘red dot’ directly by tapping and holding the button. 

Step 2– Run the Among Us game and paste the red dot directly to the character name box. The player will enter the lobby without the ‘error message’. 

This trick can help the players keep an eye on other crewmates and be aware of any suspicious crew member’s activity. 

among us invisible blank no name

You could copy paste unicode characters in Among Us to get a blank name. But this loophole has been closed by Among us patch.

Why Go for Blank Name Trick in Among Us?

A blank name is quite handy for players to use strategic moves and tricks while playing the Among Us game. It makes them stealthy and allows the characters to stay hidden between the three maps of the Among US game. Hence, an alternative trick or the dot trick can enable imposters to kill a crewmate not knowing about his whereabouts. 

Wrapping Up: Blank Name in Among Us

The Among Us game is a watchful game. A blank or an invisible name can save some time and effort for the characters involved in the game. On the other hand, the alternative trick can place the character anywhere around the map and confuse other players for a while. 

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