How to Get Ice Wizard Card in Clash Royale

Let’s learn how you can easily get the Legendary Ice Wizard Card in Clash Royale.

Ice Wizard is probably the foremost legendary card and the coolest character on Clash Royale. This freezing tough pal has a surreal appearance with blue eyes and an uber-cool horseshoe mustache style. The looks are no doubt handsome but the Ice Wizard is most liked among the Clash-fam due to its smart game strategies and attacking abilities. 

Ice Wizard strikes the targets with ice chunks and this lowers the target’s speed to almost 35%. Cool right? What is even cooler is that it plays a great defensive role and the player can get a lot of support through the Ice Wizard -as it can push back and counter-attack the already slowed targets.

What are the gaming features of the Ice Wizard Legendary card?

If you think that your Ice Wiz can do nothing else except lowering your target’s speed, you’re wrong. Besides slowing down the targets, the Ice Wiz can do a lot of other amazing stuff too such as:

  • Defends small and large pushes
  • Defends giants
  • Protects from hog rider 
  • Combats fast attacks
  • Distracts the opposing troops
  • Counter-attacks and counter-pushes the opponents
  • Draws in the fireballs  
  • Pulls out different cards such as the bomber, witch, archer, knight, and barbarian, etc. 

Gamers merge the Ice Wizard with the Wizard to make a defensive combo as a winning strategy in their game. Well, no wonder this is a terrific combo for gamers to do greater area damage. Ice Wizard can also be combined with many other legendary card characters to accent your gaming, attacking, and defensive abilities. But the real question is, how to get an Ice Wizard in Clash Royale?

Here are the possible ways for you to get your hands on this bodacious character on Clash Royale.

Buy the Ice wizard card: 

If you’re anywhere near Arena 5 in Clash Royale, tighten up your seatbelt as you’re about to get a chance to unlock this amazing card option. Ice Wizard can be bought once you pass Arena 5 and the cost is 3 elixirs. Though some gamers claim that the ice wizard costs a heck of money but others say he is worth buying.

Unlock Ice Wizard Card:

Similarly, you can also get the Ice Wizard card if you complete the Frozen Peak (Arena 8) challenge, or you can get it from a Legendary Chest.

Try your fortune:

Some lucky pals get the Ice Wizard from the hidden chests but that’s very rare to happen. Getting the Ice Wizard from a legendary chest is not only rare but also daunting but hey, trying your luck won’t hurt.

That’s all you need to know about getting the Legendary Ice Wizard Card in Clash Royale game.

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