[Fix] Steam Error: 118 – Failed to Load Web Page Problem/Issue

[Fix] Steam Error: 118 – Failed to Load Web Page Problem/Issue

Steam is among the most popular and well-known sites for accessing all of the best-rated games from a wide range of genres. If you use Steam, you will encounter errors from occasionally; our today’s article intends to address a similar problem.

Error Code 118 on Steam Failed To Load Web Page is a very unusual issue. When users encounter this issue, they report that when they open Steam to play a game, they receive an error message stating that they are unable to link to the server. This guide is for you if you’re having the same problem. Let’s see how to fix Steam Error: 118 ‘Failed to Load Web Page’.

Reasons for Steam Error Code 118: Failed To Load Web Page Issue

The causes of Steam Error Code 118 Failed To Load Web Page, we were able to compile a list of all known causes. This error usually indicates that the Steam services are unable to link to the host. It simply means that the internet or the connection has timed out.

The Windows Firewall is one of the reasons. You may encounter this problem if you have not enabled the steam client to connect via the firewall. If you’re using third-party antivirus, the same applies. Furthermore, if you have recently updated some software, the error could be caused by that program.

The error will also occur if your internet is down or your server isn’t wired to the internet.

  • Windows firewall or antivirus software by a third party
  • Program that was recently installed
  • A virus has infected your computer.
  • The server is not wired to the Internet, or the Internet is down.

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(Solution) Here is How to Fix Steam Error Code 118 Failed To Load Web Page Issue

Here is a list of ways that you can use to fix the Steam 118 Failed to Load Web Page error when playing online.

Make Sure Internet Is Working

So, the first thing we recommend is that you verify whether or not the internet is running properly. As a result, many users overlook this aspect and instead focus on the main methods for resolving the Steam Error Code 118 Failed To Load Web Page issue. We recommend that you read through the following points.

  1. Make a check If your computer is linked to the Internet,
  2. Check to see how the Internet is up and running.
  3. Restart your Router again.

Uninstall Or Disable Any Programs That Can Cause Issues Such as Antivirus Software

If you recently installed a software and now you’re getting the Steam Error Code 118 Failed To Load Web Page, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing this problem. Then there’s a chance the software is messing with the Steam client’s operation.

To disable the app or installed software, follow the steps below.

1. Open the Start Menu and type Control Panel into the search box.
2. Go to Programs in the Control Panel.
3. On the left, you’ll see a list of all the programs that have been installed on your computer.
4. Look for the software that you recently loaded.

5. Right-click on the installed app/software and choose Uninstall.
6. Once you’ve uninstalled the program, restart your computer and see if the problem has been resolved.

Allowing Steam to Within Your Firewall

When the Windows firewall prevents the Steam client from connecting, one of the most common reasons of Steam Error Code 118 Failed To Load Web Page is. To resolve this problem, you must manually add the Steam client to the Windows firewall’s enabled list.

To add Steam to the Windows Firewall Enabled List, here is what you have to do:

1. Select Control Panel from the Start Menu and press Enter.
2. Change the view to Category and press System and Security until you’re in the Control panel.
3. Now, right-click on Windows Defender Firewall / Windows Firewall and choose Properties.

4. Click the Allow an app or feature via the Windows Defender Firewall icon in the top left corner.

5. Click on the Allow another app button to add it to the Windows Firewall exclusion list.

6. After that, open the launcher file and make sure the Private and Public checkboxes are checked, then save the changes.
7: After that, try running the game.

All of the necessary steps to enable the steam client to run via the firewall are listed below. If you’re using a third-party antivirus, you’ll need to give Steam access to it as well.

Error 118 Steam Solved. What’s Next?

That is it. The steam error code 118 failed to load web page can now be solved with the following solutions we listed.
If you are not able to run Steam software with one of these methods, try another one and hopefully one of these ways will solve your Steam error 118 issue.


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